What is the Realo Estimate®?

Realo uses publicly available information about homes and neighbourhoods calculate a rough estimate of every home. When we have enough extra information about a home – provided by the owner or real estate agent – we also calculate a Realo Estimate® for that home.

The Realo Estimate® is the expected asking price of an average home in a given neighbourhood and with a given set of features (lot size, habitable area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, ...). It is a a starting point to determine the asking price of a home and not an official appraisal.

As the formula to calculate the Realo Estimate® of a home does not take into account data such as the quality of recent renovations, used building materials and the originality of the building, we recommend home seller to combine the Realo Estimate® with an appraisal of their home by a real estate agent or official appraiser. For future buyers and renters, we recommend visiting the listing as it might help understand the difference between the Realo Estimate® and the actual asking price for that listing.

Try the Realo Estimate and find out how much your house is worth is just a couple of clicks. 

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