How accurate is the Realo Estimate®?

The accuracy of a Realo Estimate® depends on the available data for a specific home. On average, the difference between a Realo Estimate® and the actual asking price of a listing is 8.88% in Belgium. The more data we have, the more accurate our estimate becomes. To help making our estimates more accurate, home owners can add details about their home on Realo – Learn how to refine the Realo Estimate® of your home.

To provide some more insight into the accuracy of the Realo Estimate®, we periodically share the average margin of error for every Belgian province:

Brussels Capital Region: 10.37%
Walloon Brabant: 8.92%
Flemish Brabant: 8.48%
Antwerpe: 8.68%
Limburg: 8.86%
Liège: 9.24%
Namur: 10.73%
Hainaut: 10.38%
Luxembourg: 8.35%
West Flanders: 8.48%
East Flanders : 8,66%

Last update on April 25th 2016.

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